Centro Series

At Xilica Audio Design we have a passion for digital audio. Our Neutrino and Uno Series digital processors are examples of that passion. To provide additional systems approach flexibility for Neutrino and Uno users we designed the Centro Series site manager.

The Centro SM1 site manager makes available to Neutrino and Uno processors the following functionality; Browser Control; Third Party Control Interpreter and RS-232 Connection; Scheduler; and System Back-up. Some DSP project designs may not require this added functionality. Thus by not including them in the Neutrino and Uno processors in the first place we maximize their value. For those DSP project designs that do require some or all of our site managers added functionality, all are provided by the Centro SM1 in a single rack space accessory.

Xilica Audio Design Centro SM1

In More Detail

The Centro SM1 site manager is a one rack space device with an Ethernet and RS-232 connection and a power receptacle on the rear of the unit. It is connected to the network along with Neutrino and Uno processors and NeuPanel control devices via Ethernet cable and configured using the processors NeuConsole software GUI. Once connected, the Centro SM1 site manager provides the selection and configuration of each of the units four functions. The Centro SM1 Browser Control allows users to control our processors via popular browsers using any smart phone or tablet (including iPhone, iPad, Mac PC’s, and Android devices).

The Centro’s Third Party Control Interpreter feature simplifies third party programming control of Neutrino and Uno processors; The Centro’s Scheduler provides the ability to manage the processors presets using a date and time event schedule; and the System Backup feature provides a convenient secondary location and procedure to back-up all your important DSP project files.


Browser Control

Control Neutrino and Uno processors with any iOS, OXS, or Android device

Third Party Control Interpreter

The third party control interpreter feature simplifies third party programming control of our Neutrino and Uno processors

RS-232 Connection

An RS-232 connection is provided (as well as IP) to accommodate flexible third party control system connection


Manage and control the processors presets using a date and time event schedule

System Back-up

Back-up all your important DSP project files in this secondary location to further protect your work

Ethernet Connectivity and Control

NeuConsole Drag & Drop Software Configuration